On second, thought, please don't

Unfortunately I'm a mortal, I'm often overwhelmed with work, and this contact form ain't helping.

If you are a non-paying Pluckeye user seeking help in your use of Pluckeye, I refer you to the help page, which links to the often useful FAQ and readme documents.

If you are a non-paying Pluckeye user, or a prospective user and those documents don't cut it, try the Pluckeye forum or the Pluckeye subreddit instead of this form. Others can help you out there.

If you are a paying Pluckeye user, or somebody interested in partnering or contributing in some way, then for the love of Pete, please do use this form after all! I've been waiting for you!


If you'd like a reply, do include your email address in your message.

I check these messages, as well as email sent to feedback a.t. pluckeye.net, once a week.

For a faster reply for technical questions, try the Pluckeye forum or the Pluckeye subreddit.

And if slow forms of communication floats your boat, you can also use old-school mail:

Single Eye Software LLC
PO Box 854
Eugene, OR 97440

Hope to hear from you!