Filters Data for Pay

I'm glad to hear you are interested in improving ! I think most visitors to the page are people looking for a filtering or monitoring solution for their home, themselves, or possibly their work (e.g. counselors). A significant number of them have typed "free porn filter" into google. The purpose of this page is to help such people find a software product that works for their situation. It is also hoped that the page will help reduce redundant effort by informing the public of options that are already available. Thanks for your desire to contribute to this goal!

Because several people have reported they are interested in improving for pay, anybody who contacts me and requests 10 entries to complete will get $10 after they complete the 10 specific entries Jon gives to them to complete. If you don't know how else to contact me, you can try the contact page. I can give you the $10 using the medium of your choice (personal check, paypal, Zelle, Google Play Store credit, you name it). But the point is, you can do a little work to get a little money, and I'll have a chance to see the quality of the work. If it's good, I'll likely request you do more.

By complete, I mean, ensure the following 5 columns are filled in:

the official product name (e.g. CovenantEyes)
the home url for the product
the platforms on which the product runs (list alphabetically)
the intended target audiences (list in order of applicability). You can use the notes field if there is something peculiar about the perceived target audience.
how much the product costs

That's all you need to fill to get $1 per product.

If you want to fill in more data, the following columns are nice to have if you can find the information:

date of initial release
date of latest release

If you get on a roll and want to fill even more data, the remaining fields are:

an alphabetic listing of the major features of the filter. The two biggest ones are "monitoring" and "filtering". lists a hodgepodge of possible features. You can simply use the product website to gather these; you do not actually need to install or try the product. If a product has a feature that isn't already listed, feel free to add a new one!
also known as. Some products have had more than one name. For example, Freedom was once known as Anti-Social Pro.
a url to a logo for the product. For example, left.jpg
a quick description that would be suitable for the public
not applicable, this refers to how a filter first got in the table in the first place.
a product that is similar. For example, Net Reponsibility is similar to X3watch.
you can put any notes that you think helpful here. This information will not be made public. If you tried the product, please indicate that in the notes field.
how the product actually does its thing. This field is for the technically adept who are able to determine the way the product actually works. This information will not be made public.
how well you think the product does its job for its primary target audience on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best. This value may eventually influence product ordering so that the best products show on top. Anything above 5 is good and anything below 5 is bad. Feel free to leave blank.

If you have questions let me know. Otherwise, just use your judgement and fill out the data as best you can if you are interested.