Volunteer Coder

So you know how to code?

Types of coders

There are two types of volunteer coders for Pluckeye:

  1. Those who know about Pluckeye internals.
  2. Those who do not want to know Pluckeye internals because they use it.

Type 1 - Those who do not want to know about Pluckeye internals

An example of this type of user (from an email):

It is very important is that I should not know anything about how to disable the program quickly. That is crucial, because that is what keeps me from relapsing. So I would appreciate it if you never share such info with me, that is why I am also a bit hesitant about developing because I would rather have no knowledge of the inner workings of the program.

Type 1 coders may potentially contribute to code on the website without much risk of lessening Pluckeye's effectiveness for themselves.

Type 2 - Those who are fine knowing about Pluckeye internals

Type 2 coders do not have to factor in the self-imposed information limiting that type 1 coders do.


For now, all contributions to the code must be approved by Jon. Eventually, certain parts of the code may be approved by others.

To get access to the code (pluckeye, plucki, one of the websites, or other), contact Jon, and include in your message any relevant skills, experience, or inklings about the areas in which you would like to contribute.