Plucki, a Firefox Add-On

To install Pluckeye, a more full-featured content filter, click here.

What is Plucki?

Plucki is a Firefox addon. If you clicked the "Add to Firefox" button on, then you have installed Plucki.

Plucki without Pluckeye

When Plucki is installed without Pluckeye, it does one thing and one thing only. It removes all images and videos from one's browsing experience in Firefox. No whitelists, no blacklists, no options.

How to install Plucki

To install Plucki without Pluckeye, visit , and click the "Add to Firefox" button.

How to uninstall Plucki

In Firefox, select Tools (Alt-T), then Add-ons. Select "Extensions" in the left-hand pane. Find Plucki and click "Disable" or "Remove".