Why Pay

Why pay for Pluckeye?

So that those who work on Pluckeye (i.e., Jon) can do so and support their family. And so we can hire some help.

Also, because it feels good (try it and see)!

Why not pay?

  1. You are not sure Pluckeye is valuable. Feel free to try it awhile before deciding about remuneration.
  2. You make less money than the average Pluckeye worker. The average (and only) Pluckeye worker currently makes this much.
  3. If you already pay for Accountable2You, EverAccountable, CovenantEyes or similar accountability-based software and the combined cost of Pluckeye and the other product is "too much", feel free to deduct the cost of the other product from your Pluckeye payment. But do keep in mind that the revenue for each of those companies is 100-1000 times that of Pluckeye's (as of 2018-10-29).

How to pay?

Easy! Visit https://s.pluckeye.net/ .