Advanced Testers

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Advanced testing setups

The casual tester (unobtrusive, for Firefox and Chrome users)

The casual tester "uses" Pluckeye day-in, day-out, but Pluckeye is configured to not block anything. So, the casual user barely notices Pluckeye's presence. To be a casual tester, you need to use Firefox and/or Chrome exclusively for web browsing.

  1. Watch quickstart videos.
  2. Download and install the tester version of Pluckeye from the tester's release notes.
  3. Follow the instructions in casual-tester-windows.txt, casual-tester-linux.txt, or casual-tester-macosx.txt to configure Pluckeye rules for a casual setup. If you have trouble with this step, feel free to e-mail Jon about it.
  4. In Firefox or Chrome, click the Pluckeye button, click the settings button, and change the new release notification to "tester" or "asap".
  5. Install new releases of Pluckeye when the Pluckeye button tells you one is available.
  6. Complete the form on , creating a new username if necessary.


The hardcore tester (challenging, but rewarding)

The hardcore tester is like the casual tester, except that the hardcore tester uses Pluckeye on a day to day basis without the casual-tester.txt rules described in step 3 above. Thus, the hardcore tester has pretty much the same end-user experience as a real Pluckeye user does, except the tester is more likely to use a Pluckeye delay of 0.

To become a hardcore tester, follow the instructions for the casual tester, but skip step 3.

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