Are you a parent looking for ways to protect your children?

Users of Pluckeye, read on

Pluckeye on Android

You can download and install pluckeye.apk.

By default, all images are blocked. To change the default settings, you need an account on . Not all Pluckeye settings are yet supported.

How to use it

On Android, Pluckeye is at present just a browser, and so it is typically used alongside an app locker or parental control software in which other browsers are disabled and only Pluckeye is permitted. Because app lockers usually use password protection to control administration, those seeking self-control either:

  1. have a friend, parent, or other person administer the app locker.


  1. write down a long, random password on a piece of paper and put it in an inconvenient place, and/or put it into a into a box on .

The author hopoes option 1 is better.

Users who want to replace Android on their phone with a custom version may find this custom ROM article useful.

Some tools used by Pluckers are listed below.

Tools related to Android used by some Pluckers