How to block google images

Blocking Google images

Some people want to block Google Images (and/or Google Video) without also blocking . Here are a few ways it can be done (as of 2018).

Use the native support in a browser to block all images

If you simply want to save bandwidth, a quick way to block images is to use the native support in the browser.

  • Google Chrome
    1. Click the three dots to the right of the search bar, then Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Content > Images
    2. Click the button on the same line as Show all (recommended) and it will change to "Do not show any images."

    Your settings will be saved and Google Chrome won't display any images on any web page.

  • Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open about:config in Firefox.
    2. Search for the preference permissions.default.image .
    3. Double-click on the preference to change its value from 1 (load all images) to 2 (block all images).

    See how to disable images in firefox for a longer description.

  • Internet Explorer
    1. File > Internet Options > Advanced Tab.
    2. Scroll down to Multimedia Section and uncheck Show Pictures check-box.
    3. Click Apply and Exit.

Use Pluckeye

Pluckeye blocks all images and videos by default, including those from Google Images (and Google Video).

This page was written because somebody told me that they had a very hard time finding a product that would block Google Images while not also blocking all of . Well, Pluckeye can do it. Maybe this page will help somebody who is looking for this feature.

Happy Plucking!