K9 on Linux, kinda

For many years, the most popular filtering option for home users was the K-9 filter from Blue Coat (RIP). This page will describe how to achieve a password-protected, K9-like experience using Pluckeye and the ProCon Latte Content Filter.

Note that the following steps describe one of the ways Pluckeye can be used to create a K9-ish setup. There are other ways to achieve similar filtering using just Pluckeye or Pluckeye and other browser addons, but only one such setup is here described for simplicity.

The steps

  1. Install Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi, Firefox, or similar (a real, non-snap version).

    apt-get install chromium
  2. Install Pluckeye.
  3. If you want permissive filtering similar to K9, follow this guide.
  4. Enable the system feature in Pluckeye.
  5. Disable snaps.
  6. Change the Pluckeye delay to 24 hours to prevent bypass.
  7. Done!