How to Register for Accountability

If you do would like to register for accountability, you may register for it at the command line.

How it works

  1. Install Pluckeye.
  2. Register your settings (see below).
  3. Using the device that has Pluckeye installed, create an account on . The site will automatically the device with the first user account that logs in using that device.
  4. Create a helper invitation. See also .

How to register and unregister

At a console window:

pluck add "registration basic"

To unregister:

pluck add "registration none"

How it used to work before Pluckeye v0.51.0

The following instructions are retained for those who still use Pluckeye less than 0.51.0.

You may register for own private URL that will be similar to .

Your Pluckeye settings will then be visible via that URL, as will the last time you were known to be using Pluckeye.

Consider the URL a secret that you can give to whomever you would like to keep you accountable. An RSS feed is available as a link on the url, and an accountability partner could use an RSS feed reader to be notified of changes to your Pluckeye settings. Or, they could periodically (say, weekly) look at the URL to see a history of changes to Pluckeye settings. See also this uservoice suggestion.