Installation Levels


Level 0
The Pluckeye extension for Firefox or Chrome is installed from the Mozilla Add-ons site or from the Chrome Web Store. As long as the extension is enabled, images will be blocked within Firefox or Chrome: no whitelist, no blacklist, no configuration, no options.
Level 1
Level 1 is the default when Pluckeye is first installed from the try it page. Level 1 includes system binaries as well as the Pluckeye extensions for Firefox and Chrome. As long as the extension is enabled, level 1 allows use of most Pluckeye features in Firefox or Chrome including whitelisting, blacklisting, scheduled rules and more. Level 1 is suitable for trying Pluckeye without firmly locking down one's Internet access.
Level 2
Also known as self-control mode, level 2 prevents the user from easily bypassing Pluckeye. In addition to Firefox and Chrome, other browsers on the computer such as Safari and Internet Explorer are filtered or blocked. See the platform notes below. The author originally expected that most users would use level 2.

Why isn't level 2 the default?

Level 1 is the default level mainly as a safety measure. By requiring the user to set the level manually, the user is then educated on how to do the reverse as well. And some users find level 1 to be sufficient help for themselves.

Platform notes

How to change the installation level


  1. Install both Firefox and Chrome (or Chromium and not Chrome on Linux).
  2. Use level 2.
  3. Get Pluckeye here.