Various quotes relating to open source and Pluckeye.

Note that Jon does not advocate the ideas in all the quotes below. The snippets just reflect different pieces of the open source discussion in ways that have some meaning in relation to Pluckeye.


People are still sometimes surprised to learn that most free software is written by paid developers, not by volunteers. But the economics that drive open source are actually quite straightforward: a company often needs a particular piece of software to be maintained and developed, and yet does not need a monopoly on that software. Indeed, it would often be disadvantageous to have a monopoly, because then the entire burden of maintenance would fall on that one company, instead of being shared with others who have the same needs. For example, most companies have web sites and therefore need a web server, but almost no companies need exclusive control over the development of their web server, or intend to sell copies of it on a proprietary basis. The same is true of office software suites, operating system kernels, network connectivity tools, educational programs, etc — just as historically it has been true of electric grids, roads, sewer systems, and other goods that everyone needs but no one needs to own. Just as we expect road workers to be paid, we should expect software developers to be paid as well.

Proprietary software developers have the advantage of money; free software developers need to make advantages for each other. Using the ordinary GPL for a library gives free software developers an advantage over proprietary developers: a library that they can use, while proprietary developers cannot use it.

The conclusion is clear: a program must not restrict what jobs its users do with it. Freedom 0 must be complete. We need to stop torture, but we can't do it through software licenses. The proper job of software licenses is to establish and protect users' freedom.

We recommend different licenses for different projects, depending mostly on the software's purpose. In general, we recommend using the strongest copyleft license that doesn't interfere with that purpose. Our essay “What is Copyleft?” explains the concept of copyleft in more detail, and why it is generally the best licensing strategy.

Every time you use a Web browser, locate yourself on Google Maps, draw money from an ATM, or play on a game console, you rely on computer code I wrote and gave away. . . My wife tells me our mortgage payments are $802 per month. It's pretty difficult to concentrate on fixing the Internet from a homeless shelter, and I hear they have terrible connectivity. So the next milestone is to make sure I can not only pay for health insurance but keep a roof over our heads. My wife and the cat will thank you for contributing. . .

Few companies have found a way to use open source methods to develop full products they then charge money for. But this could simply be because it's hard to drive adoption of any software product, regardless of whether it's open-source or closed-source.

The real issue is both @Robert and @Micah have become quite busy and don't have a ton of time to work on this stuff. I don't know C++ too well and I don't have the time or energy to learn it well enough to contribute to the NR codebase in that way.

Pluckeye specific

It is very important is that I should not know anything about how to disable the program quickly. That is crucial, because that is what keeps me from relapsing. So I would appreciate it if you never share such info with me, that is why I am also a bit hesitant about developing because I would rather have no knowledge of the inner workings of the program.

… I am a rather … severe-ish addict, so I have a rather complex setup … Easily bypassed by just editing extensions.ini in my Profile folder, or the prefs.js file, hence allowing me to disable … I am no programmer so I don't know how hard this would be …

As long as I can't bypass the software I will be using it.

  1. How long do you plan to use Pluckeye?

As long as it takes to stop my addiction to pornography.

  1. How long do you plan to use Pluckeye?

If I do not find ways to bypass it, I will probable use it forever.

Pluckeye is very good, It would have been pretty hard for you to design it, please don't ever leak the source code to anyone. The delay idea & only allowing text for a porn addict like me, man, I never thought about it. My infinite gratitude & thanks towards you. Thanks man, you helped me a lot, now I can focus without any problem.

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