Third Party Packages

This page currently applies to Firefox 56 and below (or forks such as Pale Moon) and not to Chrome or to modern Firefox.

Some Pluckeye users may find Pluckeye's default blocking behavior unnecessarily restrictive. One option for such users is to install other packages that are "Pluckeye compatible".

Whether or not Pluckeye will respect the other, Pluckeye-compatible package depends on the Pluckeye "package" setting for that piece of software. For example, to tell Pluckeye to defer to ProCon Latte Content Filter in Firefox, a user should

  1. Install ProCon Latte Content Filter.
  2. Run the following command in a terminal:
    pluck add "package ProCon Latte Content Filter"

The above command tells Pluckeye that "ProCon Latte Content Filter" is a trustworthy filter, and when Pluckeye detects ProCon Latte Content Filter is present, Pluckeye will defer to it for allow/block decisions. But current versions of Pluckeye will only defer to ProCon Latte Content Filter after Firefox is restarted. This is a known issue.

Third party filters are typically more permissive than Pluckeye, but as is the case for all Pluckeye rules, you determine what is a safe and helpful boundary for you. If a package is useful to you, tell Pluckeye to respect it as in the command above. If not, do not add the rule (or remove it, like so):

pluck rm "package ProCon Latte Content Filter"

Some firefox addons to which Pluckeye can defer

Note that the following list contains the full names of Firefox addons. The author of this page does not actually think Anti-Porn pro is the "Best Anti-Porn Addon!"; that's just part of its name (unfortunately). Anything in parenthesis is my comment on the filter.