Found a bug?

If you think you've found a bug in Pluckeye, please stop reading this page and instead visit the bug page.

First time testing?

What's Pluckeye?

If you don't have any idea what Pluckeye is, you should first watch the quickstart videos to see Pluckeye in action, and/or read the first few questions and answers on the faq.

Simple testing steps

  1. Bookmark this page to make it easy to return to.
  2. Install Firefox and/or install Chrome.
  3. Watch quickstart videos so you get a feel how to use Pluckeye.
  4. Download and install the tester version of Pluckeye from the tester's release notes.
  5. Restart Firefox and/or Chrome and then return to this page.
  6. Verify Pluckeye blocks images in Firefox and/or Chrome.
  7. (Optional, but very helpful): Change the installation level to 2
    1. Restart Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and/or Safari.
    2. Verify Pluckeye still works as before in Firefox and/or Chrome.
    3. Verify Pluckeye blocks all content in Internet Explorer, and/or Safari.
  8. Uninstall Pluckeye.
  9. Complete the form on http://tester.pluckeye.net/ , creating a new username if necessary.

Easy (I hope)!

Please don't feel constrained by the steps above. Do feel free to give Pluckeye a workout by playing with it a bit, trying out a few buttons and whatever Pluckeye features you are familiar with. Whatever you do, even if it is just installing and uninstalling Pluckeye, it is helpful and appreciated!

For more advanced testing setups, see testers-advanced.html.

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