Single Eye Software produces Pluckeye. Its founder, Jon Wilkes, wants you to know he would never have created Pluckeye were it not for Jesus Christ's influence on him. So if you like Pluckeye, you know who to thank…

Jon studied computer science at Harvey Mudd College. After a decade of working in the software industry, he decided to dedicate himself to fighting the pornography epidemic. He first contacted several filter companies to see if they wanted any help. With little response, he turned his attention to filling a gap in available solutions – a filter on Linux.

In 2014, Pluckeye on Linux was released. In 2015, Jon began working on Pluckeye full time and released a version on Windows. In 2016, one for macOS, and in 2018, one for Android.

Jon resides near Tacoma, WA with his beautiful wife and three children, all of whom are smarter, and I think you'll agree, better looking than Jon. When not coding, he is taking walks with his wife or wrestling with his son.

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