Single Eye Software produces Pluckeye. Its founder, Jon Wilkes, seeks to participate in Jesus's work of healing by making available a self-control tool for those who are ready for change.

Jon studied computer science at Harvey Mudd College. After a decade of working in the software industry, he decided to dedicate his life to fighting the pornography epidemic. He first contacted several filter companies to see if they wanted to partner. With little response, he turned his attention to filling a gap in available solutions—a filter on Linux.

Pluckeye on Linux was released in 2014. In 2015, Jon began working on Pluckeye full time and released a version on Windows. In 2016, a macOS version was completed; in 2018, an Android version.

Jon resides near Tacoma, WA with his wife and two children, within 6 miles of his entire extended family. When not coding, he is taking walks with his wife or wrestling with his son.

Jon's wife, Kristin, serves as Pluckeye's Communications Director. She holds an MA in Theology from Regent College, Vancouver and a PhD in English from the University of Oregon. She spends most of her time nurturing and teaching, as a homemaker and mother.

Feel free to contact Jon or Kristin.