The author graduates from college and gets a job developing software.
The author, finally out of debt from college, quits his software job to try his hand at Christian missions. He finds he's not particularly gifted: his language and relational skills are mediocre at best. He spends a few months contemplating the rest of his life.
The author knows porn addiction is a growing problem, and he thinks current filters are lacking. He has some ideas for a different filter that he wants to be freely available. He cobbles together a terribly primitive version of Pluckeye on Windows. Late in 2007 he takes on 2 part-time jobs, and tries to continue Pluckeye on the side. Pluckeye progress suffers greatly, and distractions are numerous.
The author tries to contact organizations with filtering products he knows of: XXXChurch, Qustodio, and Blue Coat (K-9) to see if he can contribute to an existing product rather than to create a new one. Only Craig Gross of XXXChurch responds, but he ultimately says they are "covered". The author decides to forge ahead on his own.
The first version of Pluckeye is released; it works on Linux, barely.
The author is let go from his full-time job, much to his delight. Finally, he can work on Pluckeye full-time and make it work "for real". The same week he is let go, the first Pluckeye volunteer contacts him. The timing encourages the author. Also, his first child is born.
Pluckeye ships on Windows.
Pluckeye ships on Mac OS X.
Pluckeye ships on Android.
First "paid" employee other than the author. A very part-time marketer friend joins the team thanks to a $3,000 gift from a family member.
Pluckeye has about 1,000 users. About 60 willingly support the project with money.
The author's second child is born.

Special Thanks

Thanks, M, for speaking prophetic words in 2000 and 2001; I (the author) didn't understand them at the time, but they came to mind in 2015 and seemed to fit Pluckeye quite well. It gave me the encouragement necessary to continue.

Truly, there is none like God, "declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, 'My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose'."