Come, work with us, and reap rich rewards.

If you're interested in a career on the Pluckeye team, contact us.

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Only one performance review, ever. The judge will be completely fair and fully informed about everything you've ever done. The benefits of a good performance review are quite literally beyond your wildest dreams.


Volunteer Coordinator

Motivate the troops. Help people use their skills well. Oil the organizational machine!

Web developer (html5, javascript, ruby)

Develop the Pluckeye websites. Knowledge of Html5, JavaScript, and Ruby (or Go) required.

Android developer

Improve Pluckeye on Android.

Mac, Windows, or Linux developer

Improve Pluckeye on the desktop platform of your choice.


Inform people who need or want software like Pluckeye that it exists.


Find people with money would like to give towards Pluckeye work.


Form partnerships with like-minded organizations, and make peace with those who are opposed to Pluckeye.

Market researcher

Inform the Pluckeye team about happenings in the market such as: user [dis-]satisfaction, new technologies, and alternative software.


Translate Pluckeye from English into other languages.



Don't fit one of the above positions? If you are willing, able, and interested in working on the Pluckeye team, feel free to let us know.