See also careers.html.

"No man can serve 2 masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and Mammon."

My only gripe is that setting and changing schedules via command line can be cumbersome (but so worth it). Other than that, I think it's a life-changing piece of software.

First of all, thanks for designing pluckeye, the concept seems really good and is exactly what I need at the moment. . .

May God bless you. I am still a fan of Pluckeye. I am very much glad that it is changing many lives.

Hey! I love using Pluckeye and thank you so much for putting the effort into making this btw, this thing is great.

first of all I'd like to thank you for this perfect software and for leaving it free. No other filter does the same. I don't have a job and i couldn't pay for it. Moreover, it is always possible to bypass a normal content filtering, since it can't avoid those triggers like "legs", "feet" etc. that are lighter but more dangerous for our will.

i am brazilian and your program is perfect. Please, make one for android! God Bless you!

Hi Jon - love your product!! Totally love it!! I use it on my windows 10 desktop. I am needing a laptop and I'm considering a chromebook, especially since I read that pluckeye works with chrome. However, I read somewhere that pluckeye doesn't work on the chrome web store. Is there a workaround for this? And otherwise, would pluckeye lock everything else down? I'm a recovering porn addict who isn't super tech saavy.

Great app for productivity. I hope it gets updated for Firefox 57 soon, can't wait to use it with the new engine

This is honestly some great software, by the way. It seems you've put a lot of good work into it.

Thanks also for your Tips section. I'm super encouraged how it isn't just tips to do with the app, but also helping with porn addiction.

I think being a girl with a growing desire to look at porn on a more regular basis, I'm so deeply thankful for more private computer based help, which your application provides. But I do also appreciate how you've linked it up to accountability options.

I'm a software developer, and I spend a lot of time on the Internet for work. I rarely use multimedia sites such as youtube, and if I do, it is almost always to watch a specific video of educational nature. I mainly want to avoid porn. And I struggled with this problem since i was child so please for the sake of god help come through this

I use the internet for various activities mainly watching youtube. However I would be pleased to find someone that would help me avoid porn. This app has already made a huge difference in my life and this new helper system is a terrific idea.

…this could be a helpful app for you. It is completely free and has helped me to break my addiction to images (not just porn). I think it's better than covenant eyes, plus it doesn't cost +$100 a year. [in an online forum]

Love this product!! It has has helped me tons and I've tried many others! Hope this helps in some way. [ Received via mail along with a $100 check]

Hey, I installed pluckeye but before I could set which sites were allowed/blocked, I blocked every single image. I rally need to have access to working internet to finish my homework. What can I do? Is the point of this app to just break my computer, because that's all it's really done so far [ Jon received this enthusiastic text message on a Sunday afternoon ]

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing software. This, more than anything I've ever tried, has helped me with my porn addiction immensely. Now i'm able to go on weeks and even months without porn because it's so well designed. Unlike other porn blockers, which I could easily bypass, I can just block the websites that trigger any urges that I might have.

I use Pluckeye in conjunction with opendns and k9 web protection. OpenDNS is pretty useless as I can easily disable it. I have created a fake account with K9, using a random generated password and email, so that I could never disable it. However K9 doesn't work . . . so I would just . . . and access porn. . . Pluckeye does work . . . and helps me not only just blocking porn but other distractions as well, such as video games websites.

I'm using Pluckeye for some months now and, once again, thank you for the massive impact it has made in my life.

I have been a long time pluckeye user and like it a lot. Thanks for the good work.

I first want to start this message by saying how much I admire what your team is trying to provide to people like me who need a tool to restrain ourselves from doing things on the internet that are counterproductive to our goals. Pluckeye is a fantastic tool and has great potential to help many people. That being said, I have found several holes in the program . . .

I have been struggling with a porn addiction for years, and I do belong to a 12 step program, and I do have an internet filter, Net Nanny. I am writing to you because I have discovered a loophole in my current filter system that permits me to view porn images. I was hoping that Pluckeye could be a solution…

I got so tired of –product-name-omitted– crashing on my 4 computers that I removed it and have installed pluckeye on them instead and it is working well so far!

I just want to thank you so much for creating this. It has had a significant impact on my life and I am very grateful. I used to always find my way around other content filters and the content filters did not block most of the sexual images on the internet. Thank you so much honestly. I don't think I would have been able to beat my porn addiction if it wasn't for this. God Bless you (anonymous)

Thank you following up and informing users like me about Lockbox, I absolutely love the shit out of it, while I haven't used it for my K9 passes, it has come in use in various other ways and I am gonna be sticking with it for a long, long time.

. . . I'm a very lonely person

. . . just a big thank you for your work. it's been a fundamental part recovering of my porn addiction.

. . . This is a great idea, and actually seems to WORK. It does take a lot of self control and inconveniences, but its worth it.

. . . switched to Pluckeye . . . thank god its free <3 and hope I get a job that allows me to donate something to this hopefully in the next two years…still gotta do college too

. . . I am just glad Pluckeye exists, initial setup is hard and can even include relapses aplenty, but the end result is worth it, so worth it. It being free is a boon, and I don't know what I would do if it wasn't, I really don't, and I just realized that as I was writing this. Without this program…man, I would have just trashed my laptop and other devices, and my education would have been damaged at the same time since I am studying via the internet at the moment. That would have been a major blow for me.

. . . Thank you guys so much. God Bless you. You are having a significant impact on the lives of people using this. I am very grateful for you thank you for offering this free of cost.

. . . It would be awesome to have something comparable to Level 2 on Android.

My annual income is 0$ but I would be willing to pay for this software. My recovery from porn depends on it.

Pluckeye and some deeper evaluation of my situation in times of prayer are major players in the improvement in my situation

Money is tight. I feel like Pluckeye is worth paying for, but making ends meet has to come first. . . Pluckeye remains the most effective and comprehensive filter I've found.

I think I have made some progress. I can see my patterns of thought changing slightly (or at the very least, I'm more aware of them). Learning to be honest with myself and spending time being mindful have been especially helpful with that, I think . . . I've stopped using other filters because they were less effective and far more annoying.

I initially used Pluckeye to block porn images, now I also keep it active on sites that would have otherwise been a massive waste of time.

I really need help here. I don't understand where to type these commands. . . This program could really help me, but the directions and issues are very frustrating. Is there not a way to just write out clearly the steps one must take to get the basic benefits? I want to set a 2 day delay and only be able to access the entirety of 3 main sites. . .

You need a big f—ing donate button. It's too hard to find. This may increase your income by 20% alone. . . Thanks for the app mate.

Pluckeye has made my computer a safe place.

This is the most well designed, thoroughly thought out product to help with this issue. I have looked for something just like this for years and finally found a solution that works. If it worked the same way on mobile it would be lifechanging!

Anyway, thank you for Pluckeye! It's absolutely unique and very helpful for people with p addiction.

The app is crucial to me giving up on porn and has become an irreplaceable part of my life.

Thanks a million. You're making a difference in my life and countless others.

. . . I still procrastinate and watch pornography regularly. However, I find myself going for longer and longer stretches without watching porn. The major component to this improvement has been personal willpower, as I mostly watch porn on my phone, which has no restrictions on it.

If Pluckeye became a paid-only tool, I think I would stop using it.

I hope you well Jon. Pluckeye is a life saver for me. I wish others would contribute more to you. I would love to but since I barely make any money (and I live in some random Asian country), can't really do that. Thanks to Pluckeye, I don't have to have a heart attack about how I may relapse every 5 minutes when I use the computer alone.

I hope you know I've been praying a long time for a filter like this to use in combination with other filters. I've searched all throughout the internet and there are a ton of people who want something that will block images and video (especially Google Images) who can't find it. If you market that your filter can block Google Images without blocking Google Search or Gmail there will be a lot of happy campers!

I have been unemployed for a while, and will only start earning again in September after over a year of pause. . . I tend to have a kind of aversion towards paying for software, as most of the time I end up regretting the purchase. . . I think Pluckeye has really changed my life. It does away with accountability and other arrangements that seem to leverage guilt (which, for me, is one of the triggers for porn).

[I can't install Pluckeye on my XP computer]. HELP ME PLEASE, i'm desperate

I find many temptations online and waste a lot of my days sitting in front of my computer. This would be ok if I was being productive well online but I am easily distracted and need some help. I am 30ish and was just diagnosed with ADHD while I was involuntarily admitted to the psych ward after a suicide attempt. I do not want to be in a situation like this again (which I greatly fear as I get ready to start school again), So any help along the way would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I did not understand in my recovery was my desperate need for community - REAL community . . . [where] we can be brutally honest and open with one another about our struggles. . . . one day, it basically fell into my lap.

Jon, wish I could give more. Unfortunately, I'm a poor dutch university student so I'll try to make more money and then I'll make this (at least) a yearly thing. You deserve the absolute best and are a great help. Pluckeye is fantastic.

What do you think would cause you to stop using Pluckeye? … If there became a price to use pluckeye

On a scale from 0 to 10, how helpful has Pluckeye been for you? 10

Thank you so very much for creating pluckeye. It has been an real lifesaver for me. You can expect me to become an paying user very soon.

[I'm] not there yet but I'm in a better place than I was when I first got it. Pluckeye and therapy have been hugely helpful

[One thing that would cause me to stop using Pluckeye is] if it's too easy to bypass. I have paid several subscriptions on software in the past, only to find out that it's very easy to bypass and then becomes useless. Or, when it interferes with my normal work to such a point where I can't do what I have to.


Pluckeye has a real positive tool in my life, as a student that has to spend a lot of time at the computer distractions has become chronic. Now i can study for long periods of time not worrying and indulging in trivial internet activity.

I think I have made progress, but I frequently backslide.

I have not made much progress

I have struggled still but not through my laptop as this was one of three devices that I needed to block pornography on. I managed to use Pluckeye to filter porn on my laptop but still needed to find a way to filter porn on my phone. That is the main thing I have been struggling with recently.

Pluckeye is the only tool that [has] had real effects in helping me curb porn. I really hope you can make it work on Android.

If possible please release a version for iOS to block apps such as text messaging, games, etc.

I wish that there was a way it could be used on mobile devices such as phones.

Besides the service shutting down, nothing [would cause me to quit using Pluckeye]. Pluckeye has been nothing but helpful.

If a purchase were necessary [to use Pluckeye], I would probably stop [using it]. Also, if I manage to kick the habit.

I have been using Pluckeye for over 2 years. . . I feel so indebted to and dependent on pluckeye that I pray it will continue to be supported somehow. Please consider informing us users in the event that the project can no longer be developed. I would do anything possible to make sure the work continues. [– from Guatemala]

The key factor [in my progress has been] help from my brother (accountability). But it would have been very difficult without pluckeye. It's amazing how even a 30 minute timeout can keep me from sinning. It prevents instant gratification. I have been searching for a tool like this for years!

Your program has been a great blessing my life, and I pray that your hard work may bring you much fruit in return.

I have [made progress]! The main [reasons] are that Pluckeye fulfills [makes it] "inconvenient" enough to keep the moments of temptation inaccessible.

I wish there was a better gui for scheduling blocking

Honestly at this point or in the future, based on the way that this has helped me, I don't think I would stop using Pluckeye unless a more effective filter came out.

Pluckeye has helped me stay focused during my job search. I have been interviewing a lot the past couple of weeks so I hope I will not need to use the service soon.

Keep up the great work, PE has really helped me recover my will.

I absolutely love pluckeye so far. And I appreciate the chance given to properly test and become familiar with the software before being forced to pay for it. Many other accountability companies only give a short trial period and that's not enough for some of us who have been struggling for years. It only takes one little loophole in a blocking application to render it useless. I can see that Jon knows this and has experience with what he is doing with pluckeye. God bless you for taking a stance against sin and temptation, and making this available to others.

Thank you for your help. I hope you will fix it someday. The whiteout will work for now. Either way thanks for your awesome Project i will start subscribing next month. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to the Pluckeye, I've made a lot of progress. I shiver when I think what my condition concerning porn would be right now if there wasn't for Pluckeye. Maybe the key factor was learning how quickly desire for porn can completely go away. Hence I felt much more capable of resisting the urge. . . I'm very thankful for Pluckeye - only tool which has had a real impact for me.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you. You've basically single-handedly saved my university degree and cured my internet addiction, so thanks!

I really appreciate the work you do and the time you've put into creating and maintaining Pluckeye. I just installed the Android version and it works really well just like the desktop version . . . I also currently have a recurring donation of $11 a month through Stripe that I want to bump up to $50 a month. Please let me know how I can do that so I can update that as soon as possible for you!

thank you so much for this tool to get porn out of my life.

Filters and blockers have helped immensely. Pluckeye is the only one I've found that allows me to surf sites like reddit without being exposed to the temptation of NSFW sub-Rs. Ditto for youtube.

This program and it's vision have been nothing short of a true blessing in my life as a christian. Completely free from pornography for more than two months now (after struggling with it weekly for almost 9 years), I see what a distraction it is from enjoying true fellowship with Christ. Walking with God takes ultimate sacrifices, but oh how worth it it is! Thank you for the part that Pluckeye has played in my recovery; know that it is having ETERNAL impacts on the kingdom.

I contacted a while ago asking for help about pluckeye and dealing with porn. I went back and found what you said to me:

"Quitting porn (or any addictive substance) is almost always multifaceted. Limiting access is important. So is learning other ways to cope with life, building other habits. I lack the time to write all my thoughts on this, but suffice it to say, I don't think software alone is sufficient. It needs to be software plus relationships; software plus prayer; software plus no longer believing porn is "real"."

At the time I was an atheist but I now believe in God and Jesus Christ and started reading the Bible. I understand what you mean with prayer now.

However, i'm still struggling with porn . . . the pluckeye symbol on the browser isn't even there. . . so I assume one of the latest updates caused it to stop working there.

Like you said prayer, willpower and other factors are important but If I can access unlimited porn it's only a matter of time until I start watching it. I'm having urges already.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated

Take care and all the best

Pluckeye has been a wonderfully effective and robust check for me, and for the guys I mentor.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do

the delay timer has been the biggest help to me as it allows me to not make impulsive decisions and process my thoughts

I'd like to thank you for your dedication to pluckeye and for providing and supporting the product generously. It helps me a lot in my life being an impulsive person, and it allows me to consider my actions more. I am a student in college and it allows me to focus better on my work. The fact that I'm a student means money is tight so unfortunately I cannot provide much monetary support but I appreciate the fact that you provide a flexible model for the consumer as it helps a lot. Thanks again,

keep up the good work. Great job

If the phone app had a way to lock apps this would be perfect! I use another app locker with a long complicated code that I have written down somewhere. If the pluckeye app could take care of this that would be amazing. Overall I really appreciate this app. I have it on all my devices now. I do wish it didn't have some of the bugs it has but I understand development is not easy. This program is of major importance to me and I hope you are able to continue supporting this app for the foreseeable future.

It is the best content filter I ever had! I am so lucky there is something like Pluckeye. . .

BY THE WAY, GREAT JOB ON PROGRAMMING THIS EXTENSION!!! Pluckeye is a tool that has answered many of my prayers over many years. Thank you for your hard work on this. Pluckeye is a great title for a great tool.

I have tried other "accountability" software things in the past, … and they blocked some sites I wanted, and not others, and I would get frustrated with them and then figure out how to hack around them, which then just left the door wide open. I remember saying a few years ago, "Why can't I just view the internet without pictures?!?!" Thanks for making that possible. I like that Pluckeye puts me in the driver's seat and forces me to exercise self-control, while at the same time getting rid of the temptation.

I do not have any source of income right now. This is why also pornography is such a huge problem …[It] means that I am not being productive or working on solving my income difficulties.

I believe prayer and God led me to find this tool, and I believe prayer and God will lead me to find a job also… I am a new Christian. Finding this tool happened about 7 months after I also found out that God was real. (Or, I should say: when God found me). No, you know what, I ought to pay you. I'll hit pay after this.

Pluck it out! I love that the software is named that …. That is what brought me in. And I was not even really much of a christian to begin with. still I am only a bad one. I know I want to be one, though. Thank you, truly.

After this I will pray for you, and pray also that this software stays stronger than my urges. (I am very devious, and computer savvy – a bad combination – but your software is even more clever than I am! Thank you for that.)