Covenant Eyes on Linux, or something close to it

This page is out of date

The information on this page is out of date.

See for products known to work on Linux, and for products that may work on or as a home router.

The remainder of this page is retained for historical interest.

Out of date content follows

This page was created because is not very helpful.

The goal of this page is to describe how to achieve a similar feature set to Covenant Eyes on Linux using Pluckeye, the ProCon Latte Content Filter, and Accountable2You or Net Responsibility.

Note that the following steps describe one of the ways Pluckeye can be used to create a Covenent Eyes-ish setup. There are other ways to achieve either more restrictive or more permissive filtering (or monitoring) using just Pluckeye or Pluckeye and other browser addons, but only one such setup is here described for simplicity.

The steps

  1. Install Firefox.
  2. Install Pluckeye.
  3. If you want permissive filtering that is similar to Covenant Eyes filtering:
    1. Install ProCon Latte Content Filter.
    2. Configure Pluckeye to defer to ProCon Latte like so:
      pluck add "package ProCon Latte Content Filter"
    3. Restart Firefox.
    4. Configure ProCon Latte password.
  4. Set Pluckeye to installation level 2 to prevent bypass using other browsers.
  5. Setup monitoring using one of the following:
    1. Pluckeye native monitoring
    2. Accountable2You
    3. Net Responsibility (see this build script)
  6. Change the Pluckeye delay to 24 hours to prevent bypass.
  7. Done!