Abmindicate, a tool for abdicating Administrator rights

If you'd like to see Abmindicate resurrected on Windows, vote for that here.

If you'd like to see Abmindicate ported to Mac OS X, vote for that here.

If you'd like to see Abmindicate ported to Linux, vote for that here.

How to use

  1. Click the following download button, and run the installer.

    The download button for Abmindicate has been removed because the author discovered that it would stop working if the computer on which it was installed was powered down at certain times. Rather than fix the bug, the author is retiring Abmindicate because it takes time to maintain and it seems there were very few users.

    If you would like to see Abmindicate fixed, and brought back to life, please let the author know.

    Instead of a utility like Abmindicate, one option is to manually create another computer administrator, assign it a long random password, and save the password on http://lockbox.pluckeye.net/ .

  2. Open up an elevated cmd.exe prompt (in explorer, right click on cmd.exe icon and select "Run as Administrator").

    This normally puts "Administrator:" in the title bar of the cmd window. Here is a screenshot from Windows 10.


  3. Run abmindicate.
    cd "C:\Program Files\Abmindicate"
    abmindicate help

    Here are some examples:

    1. Drop Administrator role for 3 days:
      cd "C:\Program Files\Abmindicate"
      abmindicate until:now+3d
    2. Drop Administrator role until 2016-09-05 19:30:00
      cd "C:\Program Files\Abmindicate"
      abmindicate until:20160905193000
    3. Drop Administrator role always, except on Saturdays from 10-11am
      cd "C:\Program Files\Abmindicate"
      abmindicate except:A10-11
    4. See abmindicate help for more information.
    5. After abdicating the Administrator role, you must log out to actually lose Administrator privileges.
    6. Don't forget to register your use of abmindicate using abmindicate@pluckeye.net! The author requires you do this so he can send important bug fix announcements to users (and he won't disclose your email address to a third party).
    7. To uninstall, use Add/Remove Programs or execute:
      "C:\Program Files\Abmindicate\unins000.exe"

Who might want to use this?

Users who want more self-control boosting in their use of Internet filters.

Similar tools

crontab (linux or macosx)

Like abmindicate, the following commands are dangerous. And if you are not careful with them, you may remove your own administrative access and be unable to recover it. Beware!

sudo crontab -l | grep -v abmindicate >/tmp/root_crontab
for group in `groups`; do # abmindicate
  case $group in admin|sudo|wheel);; *) continue;; esac # abmindicate
  echo "# gain $group group on Saturdays at 1100 # abmindicate" >>/tmp/root_crontab
  echo "00 11 * * 6 /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G $group $USER # abmindicate" >>/tmp/root_crontab
  echo "# lose $group group on Saturdays at 1200 # abmindicate" >>/tmp/root_crontab
  echo "00 12 * * 6 /usr/sbin/usermod -G `id -Gn $USER | perl -lpe 's/\b$group\b//;s/\s+/,/g' # abmindicate` $USER >>/tmp/root_crontab
sudo crontab /tmp/root_crontab

Or maybe see this script.

delayed-admin (linux or macosx)